Catholic Mom and 7th Grade Sexuality

My seventh grade son, my fourth grade daughter, and my second grade son were talking to each other in the car on the ride home from school. As a mother, I had been informed by a “letter to the parents” that both of my older children had just gotten out of a day at school that included a health/religion/sex education class which was grade appropriate.

I told my daughter that her “late” birthday present, a leotard for her gymnastics class, was delivered today. My daughter was happy her new leotard was delivered just in time for her weekly gymnastics class that night.

My seventh grade son asked if the leotard was like a swimsuit with the “high legs” or if it was “straight across the upper legs more like short shorts.” I said it was like a swimsuit with curved legs. He responded “We Americans are an oversexed culture…but we are not as bad as the Brazilians who I saw in the encyclopedia. The women there don’t even wear tops.”

Meanwhile, my daughter says, “I like my leotard to have curved legs, I don’t want it to be just straight across. I like it to be like a swimsuit.”

Then my second grader said, “Even if you are oversexed?”

I asked my seventh grade son, “Did you learn about the word “oversexed” in school today?”

He said, “No, that’s all my own idea.”

Today many conservatives would lead one to believe that the world is “going to hell in a hand  basket,” along with my seventh grade son. By pointing to the government, politics, and tolerance for various sinful behaviors the conservative viewpoint paints a bleak picture for the future. However, who is God our Father? Is He not in charge today just as He has been in charge for centuries?

Many prophets in Old Testament scripture also saw that the world around them was “going to hell in a hand basket.” But there is a significant difference in the thinking presented by the Old Testament prophets. They saw God the Father as a sovereign God, a God who allowed kings and rulers to choose “bad” things which eventually brought about God’s Will. God alone hardens hearts, and God alone softens hearts and infuses them with wisdom. I believe that God the Father influences our freewill to bring about His will. This takes an enormous burden off from me each day. I do not have to “save the world.” I just need to deal with my own frustrations, and my own lack of ability to be at peace with God’s Will.

What is God’s Will when it comes to my seventh grade son? God’s will is to turn him into a man who respects the way God made him as a sexual being. By learning to accept himself, just as God made him, he learns to respect and admire women as being sexually attractive to him. God placed women with leotards on this earth for him to love, honor, and respect, not to take advantage of, or reject. However, we are not “there yet.” Neither the world around us, nor my seventh grade son, is at peace with God’s Will. We are not in heaven yet.

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